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03:00am 13/04/2018
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11:55am 08/04/2018
I'm gonna keep spamming until somebody gives in!

Stevie and I would give literally ANYTHING to have Nathan's ex / Eli's mom in the game.

And I would probably give anything if you use Neve Campbell as her PB because of stuff like this:

You have so much plot already, just coming into the game! You got pregnant at 17 by your high school sweetheart. Your strict, overbearing dad almost killed your boyfriend, then insisted you two get married. So you did, literally the day after graduation. You son was born that summer, and you and Nate tried to make your teenage-parent-young-marriage thing work. You and Nate still loved each other (-ish?) but you knew that there was something off about him, and you just couldn't stay married. So you divorced fairly amicably, and you got custody of your son. And then Nathan skipped town without a word. There was occasional but not by any means regular contact (letters or postcards here or there, birthday presents for the kid, a phone call a time or two), and then suddenly he was back in town right after your son turned 8. And then just as suddenly, he was gone again less than six months later. There was even less communication from him over the next eight years, when he was suddenly back in town again just before your son's sixteenth birthday. And he's been back ever since (almost 13 years now), and trying to mend the burnt bridges with his son. He won't say anything about where he went or why he was gone for so long. He's mostly keeping his distance from you, because you've remarried (and have two step-children), and as long as you're happy, he's happy.

Your son, meanwhile, moved in with your parents at some point after you remarried, because of friction with his step-siblings. So you have a lot of space to figure out how your relationship is with your son, as well as how you feel about your ex making an attempt to actually be a father.

Check out [info]extermi_nate and [info]egriggs and just see how much amazing plot you'll have in a game that is also going to be amazing because it's a MURDER MYSTERY. Are you suspicious about the timing, the fact that your ex-husband HAPPENED to be in town when the fire happened, and then left not long after? Or are you blinded by first love and believe that he would never do anything like that? How's your relationship with your son?

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08:36am 08/04/2018
tfw you have A TON of headcanon and in-depth information on a character, but you can't share it because you're in a game based on secrets and sharing it would spill the secret, and it's more fun to keep a secret, but at the same time, you're like LISTEN TO MY HEADCANON.

SO I apologize in advance for the word vomit headcanon I'll be sharing when this game is over. XD
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